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  December 2014  
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Concrete International December 2014 No. 12 Complete Issue
Concrete International December 2014 No. 12 Complete Issue

Concrete Product Guide
The Concrete International Concrete Product Guide is provided to help contractors and design professionals find manufacturers of products used in concrete construction.

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2015 ACI Honors and Awards Program
Has a colleague ever asked you “Am I really making a difference? Is what I’m doing really making concrete better?” If you are the recipient of an ACI award, ACI knows you’re making a difference!

52nd Annual PCI Design Awards
Awards were presented to projects from throughout North America in the 52nd annual Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI) Design Awards competition.

A New Fiber for Enhanced Crack Control
Polypropylene fibers are synthetic fibers used for crack control in concrete. While all polypropylene fibers rely on frictional bond to engage the concrete matrix, a new type of fiber incorporates compounds capable of creating chemical bond. The new fibers are described and ASTM test results are used to compare the performance of the new fibers with traditional polypropylene fibers.

The New NRMCA Quality Certification Program
A Quality Management System (QMS) can improve the quality of a company’s product by establishing a systematic way of setting quality processes and responsibilities. The NRMCA Quality Certification program was established to assure that ready mixed concrete companies have and follow a comprehensive QMS. This certification program can be used to pre-qualify concrete producers for high profile projects and for those projects with performance-based specifications. Criteria evaluated during the verification process for the NRMCA quality certification are highlighted.

Shotcrete Placed in Multiple Layers does NOT Create Cold Joints
Shotcrete is typically placed in multiple layers. Unfortunately, designers and inspectors often incorrectly confuse the interfaces between those layers with cold joints experienced in cast-in-place concrete construction. The differences between shotcrete and cast-in-place concrete placements are discussed, with strong emphasis on consolidation of both materials. Interlayer bond formation is described, and surface preparation for shotcrete placement is explained.

A Metal Locator for Contractors
Contractors will occasionally need to locate reinforcing bars in a concrete structure without also needing to determine cover depth or bar size. A device that can serve that purpose is the MetalliScanner® m40—an inexpensive, easy to use metal locator. Based on trials completed in the United States and Ethiopia, the MetalliScanner m40 was able to locate small bars with cover of up to 3 in. (75 mm).

Concrete Q&A: Use of ACI Documents as References
Q. Many of the ACI documents in the 2012 Manual of Concrete Practice now contain language stating: “Reference to this document shall not be made in contract documents.” This is problematic to say the least. In my opinion, a major benefit of having ACI documents is the ability to reference them. To require that we regurgitate the standards in our contract documents strikes me as a waste of time and resources. Can you explain the reason for this language?


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