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  July 2015  
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Concrete International July 2015 No. 7 Complete Issue
Concrete International July 2015 No. 7 Complete Issue

2015 CFA Awards
The Concrete Foundations Association (CFA) announced the recipients for the 2015 Projects of the Year after evaluation by the industry and general public during World of Concrete and online at

Learning Through Hands-On Reinforced Concrete Beam Experiments
A laboratory section was added to the senior-level reinforced concrete design class at the University of Hawaii at Manoa as a supplement to classroom instructions. The lab work focuses on fabrication and testing of reinforced concrete beams designed to highlight specific failure modes. Flexural tests included beams with less than minimum reinforcement, tension-controlled, and transition zone flexural reinforcement. Shear tests included beams with and without shear reinforcement. One series of tests is described.

Time-Dependent Deflections of a Steel Fiber Concrete Slab
Steel fiber concrete is commonly used in construction of pile supported floors but there is an increasing demand for design standards regarding its application for elevated slabs. A study of an elevated concrete slab subjected to short-term and long-term point load testing is summarized. The slab was designed and constructed as a half scale model of a pile supported industrial floor slab. One-half of the test slab was reinforced with steel fibers only. The other half was reinforced with a combination of steel fibers and reinforcing bars.

ACI Foundation Awards Student Fellowships and Scholarships
The application process for the next cycle will open mid-summer 2015

Concrete Sustainability Conference Focuses on Resilience, Materials Transparency
Women in Concrete Forum held in conjunction

Fountains of Concrete Knowledge in Kansas City
Highlights of The ACI Concrete Convention and Exposition - Spring 2015

Young Professionals: Listen, Learn, and Pass It On
The winning entry of the 2015 ACI Young Professional Essay Contest advocates that young professionals participate in sharing knowledge among sectors of the concrete industry-not only to promote industry growth, but also to stimulate growth and development of each individual into a successful industry leader of tomorrow. Using the Internet is one of the most powerful resources to effectively and efficiently encourage collaboration and the spread of knowledge. Also, face-to-face events are important for young professionals to be able to facilitate the growth of the goals and ideas.

Artifacts for Better Presentations
At the ACI Concrete Convention and Exposition – Spring 2015 in Kansas City, MO, several interesting and unique artifacts were displayed with accompanying short descriptions during the technical session on "Artifacts for Better Presentations." The purpose of the session was to help inspire those who might want to enhance their presentations or lectures with historical items and/or unique objects. The article describes and presents photos of seven of these artifacts together with the presenters’ contact information.

Concrete Q&A
Q: I am an arbitrator on a lawsuit that involves a concrete slab-on-ground patio for a multi-family residential building. One of the issues is the slope of the slab. Can you direct me to any ACI documents covering that topic?


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