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Welcome to Concrete International’s online product guide, featuring the most up-to-date listings in more than 200 product categories. You can search general product categories and more detailed subcategories. Advertisers from the December 2014 issue of Concrete International, featuring the Specifiers’ Product Guide, are indicated with a CI logo. If you have any questions about the online guide, including how to get your company listed, send an e-mail to concreteinternational.

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Bond breakers
Bonding agents
Cementitious materials
Curing materials and equipment
Cutting, chipping, and grinding equipment
Decorative concrete tools
Design Aids
Fiber reinforcement, Discrete
Floor and slab treatments
Form materials and release agents
Placing and finishing equipment
Project Management Support
Reinforcement, accessories, and equipment
Repair materials
Testing equipment
Thermal and moisture protection

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